Sunday, October 10, 2010

Weekend of the Tripod

It is a gleaming diamond of an afternoon here in Mudville. Warm, sunlight supercharging the autumn leaves and the sound of motorcycles echoing over the hills.

I am tired as hell, been rolling since Thursday night's Indian Museum beer drinking contest. Made some good connections there and will be able to film an episode of MC Roadcrew in the motorcycle gallery.

Filming our public access show began Saturday at the 100% Kulture Hot Rod Fallout. Dragging around that tripod and filming is way more involved than still photography. I will need some time to get acclimated to living these events through a 2 inch square viewfinder.

I hope we got enough for a 30 minute episode between Fallout and Wheels at the Wall.

Also saw Sevendust at the Webster and Godsmack at Mohegan Sun. The possibility of Clutch in Providence is hanging over me like a hangman's noose. Life is good with the help of good friends.

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