Sunday, October 17, 2010

Ty Rods Stafford Swap Meet

Sunny day in the wilderness, swap meet was packed. Didn't need anything and had the money to just about cover admission.

Still love going to this swap meet, it is a part of me. It is a Fall ritual, whether vending or buying.

The rows of junk, the wheel rim bonfires, listening to haggling, bragging and shit talk.

The worst, but always most noticeable, part is the South Eastern Massachusetts/Rhode Island accents that I only hear once or twice a year at the Stafford swap meets.

Max had a budget of $5 and came away with 7 matchbox cars, I was a high roller and bought 5 mid 60's Road & Track magazines for a fiver.

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Crazy Horse said...

Do they still have the fall bike swap meet at Stafford? Many wonderful golden memories of that event.

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