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Fyler in the Advocate

Bartender Buddha
Pearls of wisdom from Tracy Fyler
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Tuesday, January 26, 2010
By Melissa Byron

Tracy Fyler
found at: The Hungry Tiger (Manchester)

Can you tell anything about a person by what they drink?
Usually you can tell their age by what they drink. Young guys order cheep draft beer. Young girls order fruity drinks. I've noticed that Bud drinkers only drink Bud, no Sam Adams. They are loyal to the Bud. The self-established drink martinis or scotch.

What's the best winter drink?
Maker's Mark. Definitely. Because it's smooth and warm. I would personally choose Maker's Mark, especially when it is cold.

Do your friends expect you to make their drinks? Does that piss you off?
Yes, so I make 'em nice and strong. It does not piss me off. I love making drinks.

Why should people come here to see you?
I'm fun, I'm the friend you've had forever. I will show you a good time and this is a relaxing place.

What's the most unfriendly bar topic?
I'm always uncomfortable when customers discuss rumors about other locals and customers that are hooking up. I don't like the he-said, she-said crap.

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industrial relic

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Honda corniness


The Weed with Roots in Hell

Is it really that evil?

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Toledo Mudhens


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Tomorrow in NYC

A new Sportster dark custom will be unveiled tomorrow. Saw a video today. Fat 16ish tire on front, narrow peanut tank with early 70's Sportster script decal, bobbed rear fender and knucklehead style handlebars.
Video looked like a combination of Choppertown and Entourage.
Whatever it takes, the regular customers are getting older by the day.
Too bad you can make one yourself for under $4000.
Ray in CT

Castrol Boss Mustang art

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back in the day GSXR style

Ten years back when the store just opened and we used to have corporate lunch hour at Kahoots. She was one of our favorite waitresses. I sadly have forgotten her name.
photo by Carl McAllister

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