Sunday, May 31, 2009

Fat Bob, Shovelhead style

Popping the wheelie

Random neighborhood disturbance

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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Tasca Ford Boss Mustang - Unbeatable

Story was, if you could beat this car with street tires and full exhaust, like it had, Tasca Ford would pay $1,000. Nobody won the money that year.

.See the rest of Whitey's drag and muscle car glory days in the Murdercycles gallery

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Fat Man on a Bumble Bee

My brother called and need a hand repossessing a bike. What the Hell? There isn't anything good on the History Channel today anyway.
Got it with the key, and it was in perfect shape. My fat ass hasn't ridden a sport bike in a while.
The kid still had the Winter air in the front tire, so the turn out of his Dad's driveway almost resulted in the first scrapes on the fairings.
Wobbled down to a gas station, aired and gassed it up for the 30 mile tour home.

Although my hands and knees were almost touching, the 1000 was not as painful to ride as some other bikes. The real pain was keeping it at the speed limit. The kid had kept the license plate, so a low profile was neccessary.
State trooper in Harwinton and a couple Farmington cops didn't notice my missing legality and was able to get it in the repo yard drama free. The GSXR was smooth and the fuel injection didn't have the on/off feeling my Guzzi V11 sport had.

Fun with other people's gas.

Makris Diner, Berlin Turnpike

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Paul Dodge Pontiac GTO

Mudville Gasser

Schutzt das Kind

Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day in America

Today we remember the soldiers and sailors who died for our country.
I see this Memorial Tower in the distance from my window every day. I rode to the top of Fox Hill. Today the flags were wet and not waving in the wind.

Next I rode to see my kid and his Mom at their local parade. In the cemetery were decorated graves of Veterans that made it home.

A Revolutionary Officer.

Civil War

The largest memorial is for Nathan Hale. Local patriot and spy who died at the end of a British rope in 1776.

The parade was a warm slice of small town pie.

Then a cookout with the crew. I got to enjoy the freedom the others died for.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

We Killed Kenny.

It is a known fact that I ride pretty fast on backroads. I really enjoy it. Finding a never before seen, curved up, two lane gets me excited.
Most of the guys I ride with roll hard also. Chet, Todd, Butch and my brother are all dudes I can ride side by side with at any speed and not sweat it.

Saturday morning we had 6 bikes headed up to Worcester, Mass for a show.

We were on RI 94 heading North. A tricky right hander came up on us. I slowed down and banked it into the corner. Butch went grinding by on the left half of the lane, his floorboards shrieking against the pavement.

We both looked at each other yelling as it was a pretty thrilling curve. That's when I saw a gold and white Ultra Classic upside down in my rearview mirror. "SHIT!"

U-turned back and we executed our combat training. Injured dude off the street, bike picked up and moved, good samaritans told to put away the cell phones.

I think Ken was running fifth spot and came in too hot. Locked up the rear brake and then highsided. Al missed the rolling obstacle and, thankfully, there was no oncoming traffic on this deserted back road.

Looked bad for a few seconds as the blood from his gouged eyebrow covered up the damage. After a half hour of mopping up blood and checking things over, Ken felt well enough to ride. His eye stopped bleeding and we headed to a hospital about 10 miles away.

Checked him in, he got some stitches and should be OK. No damage to his brain. Bike is banged up, but ridable. There are a lot of bent parts.

Part of me feels responsible as I was the first bike in line and maybe I was going too fast for Ken. Yet another part feels like it is survival of the fittest on the road. Don't out-ride your abilities. Torn emotions. All parts are glad he is OK and not in a wood box.

We live a dangerous life.

Ralph's Diner 100% Show

Friday, May 22, 2009

The Golden Wrench

Best bike at Ralph's Diner, Worcester, MA gets our hand fabbed trophy.

Be there. It is free you cheap-asses motherfuckers. Sat, May 23, 2009, noon.

windows 98

Joshuatown Road, Hadlyme, Connecticut

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

pub crawl Wednesday

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Termignoni Baloney

Today at the fortress, some Italian dude named Z stopped in. He works at the garbage truck company next door. He has a Ducati 999 he is making his own exhaust for it. Z picked up some Termignoni silencers cheap that fit a 900ss. He wanted to rotate the exhaust outlets for an underseat application for his ride.
I cringed a little as the bandsaw dug into the $1500 worth of Italian muffler.

With Z and Todd holding, the cuts were nice and straight.

Todd fired up the Tig welder and grabbed some rod.

A little buff on the polishing wheel.

Make Desmo sounds.

Z came in the door with a hard ass attitude, figuring we would be giving him the Harley Only attitude. We talked about my Ducati and various other two wheeled subjects. He left as a new friend. It just shows once again that motorcycle is the universal language.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Packard Marine Engine

Went to Battleship Cove, they have two PT Boats on display. They are pretty rare because most were scrapped and the wooden hulls burned after WW2.
They are almost 80 feet long and rocked 3 Allison style V12 engines rated at 1,500 horsepower each. Same kind of engine as a P-40 or a Lockheed Lightning.
That is pretty bas-ass. I never got into PT boats as my childhood was full of hearing about JFK and what a hero he was for getting his boat cut in half by the japs.

V-12 Engine

Imagine how much gas these burned up at full tilt.

The Beer Taps of Knowlegde


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