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Margaret Bourke-White

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New tires could have prevented this.

last weekend

Monday, July 20, 2009

160mph X1

Dude I work with does all the Buell wrenching. He went 160 at Maxton with this Millineum X1. Bad Ass.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Noddy's Girl & the BonneBee

George Hendee Day at Hilltop Farm

SaddleSore Triumph Billy

Stealing this from the Milk Barn. Our British hero, Billy just pulled an SS1000 on a chopper.

i made it left mansfield ct at 1:51 sat morning for lake erie got back sun morn at 1:24. just made it. flyer ran great ecept for the electrics, which has been solid for a long while and the last thing i was worried about. 50 miles into the trip in springfield ma my headlight went, took it apart it was exploded , taillight also. put in new bulbs on the side of the highway , 5 miles later no more head light ,. so i used my headlight flashlight, and limped 20 miles to my schedueld stop in blanford ma. waited an hour and a half until daylight. tailight still worked so i thought i would get a nother headlight and rewire it later. gas milage at 63 mph is about 44 mpg at a steady 75 its 34 , so with a three gal tank i was shootin for the 90 mile mark, on the fourth stop i put in 2.85 gal that was close.kept the rain suit on all the time hit 4 or5 different small scale storms, adjusted the rear chain 3 times, used 28.34 gallons of gas, eat arbys coffe and cigs, 1/2 a quart of oil for the bike which never skipped a beat, besides the chain nothin else came loose .,never put a wrench to it.tail light was now dead and i was gettin no power any where,[lucky its got a mag]so i stopped at a lowes and bought a led headbandlightand another big flashlight , put my old one on red for the taillight, tapped the new one to the headlight and strapped the flashlight to my tank bag, it worked ok , the turnpike was well lit and i stayed in traffic, the last 25 miles was the darkest but it worked good was fun ,gettin gas checkin maps, keepin the logbook,eatin jerky smokin cigs, and coffee ,but it was tuff my left hand is swollen , saddle is sore, backs crooked, legs are toast,but id do it again. thanks to murdercycles Ray for the inspiration ... bc

I am so fucking impressed. He did it on a chopper he built himself. It is hard to do on a touring bike. BILLY RULES.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Hot Rod Riot 4 Set up

The night before our event is a fun, intimate gathering of the peeps who sweated helping us out.

7 bands and mayhem, what the fuck more do you need?

Sunday, July 5, 2009


Butchie, Scuzzo and I had Friday off, so we decided to ride. Had no destination, Butch wanted PA and I was leaning towards Bentley's in Maine.
Weather patterns indicated West was Best.

Got a late start, so we hit I84 to Port Jervis and got some gas, full service.
First stop was the highest point in New Jersey.
Veteran's Memorial Tower.

The we explored Sussex County for Villes. If you have ever been on the NJ Turnpike, you would not comprehend that Jersey could be this nice.

My brain did a somersalt when I saw this in Beemerville, NJ. Another Grand Central Terminal Eagle!!!! I spotted it at a petting zoo.

Got a couple kills and then a late lunch in Blairtown. Stephanie said they filmed a scene from "Friday the 13th" in her diner.

Crossed into Pennsylvania over a narrow steel grate bridge from Belvidere into Bridgeton. Slammed around the 15 mph turns surrounding Stroudsburg, dodged the storm clouds and got a few Villes.

Firecrackers on the corner.

Figured Stoudsburg would be a good place to shack up for the night. While we were reconning Main Street, we saw two young dudes hammering a pair of QCB style Sporties. They showed us the way to the Minisink Hotel, an 1880's style roadhouse/resort hotel.

Cheap food and a good jukebox.

Crashed at Days Inn.

Saturday we hit the road heading North. The plan was to hook up with Camera Steve in VT.
Road food, ville flavored.

Strange Hippie commune in Lordville, NY on the banks of the Delaware.

NY30 is a kickass road of 75 mph sweepers, no traffic and beautiful waterfront vistas. Highly recommended for the full length.

Scuzzo had to split off in Grand Gorge, NY to see the wife.

We kept up 30 to Amsterdam, the unglamorous one. By the time we hit Ballston Spa and gassed up, we realized I was broke. Another night on the road was not feasible. Cashed out at a Stewart's and headed home. Camera Steve was in VT near the CT river, we could not make the hook up.

Was able to find the controversial Maltaville sign.

Looks like it was down during the construction of the most ridiculous collection of traffic circles since London.

Had to outrun the cops in Johnsonville, NY and we sped across the state line into the lower corner of VT. blasted Rt 9 to Jacksonville, our last hit of the weekend.

Saw Springfield, MA's fireworks above the river next to I91. Pretty close to the explosions as we rode by.

23 villes and 748 miles of freedom. I hope Steve does well tomorrow in VT. VT signs are weak.
Ray in CT

The Beer Taps of Knowlegde


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