Tuesday, October 26, 2010

More from Italian Bike Day Sturbridge

Noddy in his British accent,"You mean there is a Brit show in Charlton today, also?"
Me, "Yes, at the Singletery Gun Club."
Noddy, "Singletery, what sort of place is it?"
Me, "It is a fish and game club. They have a pavillion, bar and a small fish pond."
Noddy, "Right."
Me, "It is just like this place, only with shittier bikes."
Noddy, "Fuck Off!"
Laughter from all.


Chris Saddler Sam said...

more pics of that "other italian" please!


i think it's a restyled borile...
or maybe an american model..
or whatever...
i liked it!

it looks different than the old one!


Murdercycles said...

That is the only photo I took of that Borile. Only Borile I have ever seen. I did not know they sold them in United States.

Chris Saddler Sam said...

hi mc

i took a further look on the boriles on google!

and i've noticed that the one u have here is tha actual model in production...
no changes
no restyling

it was just the (horrible) air-filter cylindric box missing!

my compliments to the owner of the bike and his wise act to do this!!!


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