Monday, October 25, 2010

Ride up to Maine for Bentley's Saloon

Butch set up a mandatory club ride for us all. Our destination was the much talked about Bentley's Saloon in Arundel, Maine.
It was a cold Saturday morning when the hardcore got suited up for the run.

I was glad I had wired up the cop bike for my woobie(heated vest). It was raw.

Lunch time and we stopped in Milford, New Hampshire at the Arrow Diner.
Butch and I had discovered this place and the enjoyable Route 13 on our return from Laconia this Summer.

Water Powered textile mills built New England.

Fueled up with eggs and unleaded and aimed towards Maine.

We crossed over a small bridge from Rochester, NH into Lebanon, Maine. They spared no expenses on the welcome signage.

A half hour later we were at our destination. Bentley's is a biker bar with a small motel attached to it.

We got our rooms and headed to the bar.

Big, round and polite bouncer enforced the house rules on us. We went back to the rooms to change.

Ate some BBQ pork as the sun went down.

The main room is a barn style building with cool junk hanging from the rafters.

There is another bar at the street end of the porch that is more like a pub. Melanie was the night shift bartender.

No Tell motel

The next morning was 30 degrees, Todd went for coffee.

Half the crew opted for high speed Interstate ride home.

Bullshit on that. I want to see the shoreline and enjoy the backroads.

We rolled US1 South to Hampton Beach, New Hampshire. Stopped for a coffee or a beer. Really should have stayed as we saw the Black Crowes tour busses at the Casino/Ballroom.

Got on the Interstate in Massachusetts and headed home.

A great couple days on the road with the crew. Winter is almost here.

Ray in CT

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