Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Haircuts and Glove theft

So there I was, sitting in the barber chair. Korrin was giving me a haircut. My bike was parked just outside the windows, the windows that displayed the sweets when this joint was a candy shop. I would look in when I delivered the morning paper back in my childhood. An old store in my old neighborhood.

So I just happen to glimpse the dropping of a black gauntlet glove by some pedestrian a few hundered feet up the street. MOTHERFUCKER! Those are mine!

I leap from the chair, Korrin struggling to remove the pink cape from around my neck. I get on my bike, "Where the fuck are my glasses?". I find them and zoom off to catch a thief.

I see the dude walking behind the Elks club. From behind I can also see he has the gloves. Then it kicks into that slow motion that rage and adreneline produce in your mind. First instinct was too run the bike right into him, I don't care if I kill him. A nanosecond later I picture myself in the back of a Crown Victoria and a big article in the newspaper. Next spark was to lock the rear and slide right in front of him. I look down so the peg leg will hit the rear brake pedal and grind to a halt. How all this can happen in your brain while travelling quickly in the span of 2seconds is an amazing thing.

"WHAT THE FUCK!", I screamed at the teenaged, heroin junkie. He handed the goods over immediately. "They were on the ground, I thought they were garbage."
"Fuck you, Skel."
What more could I say without a hate crime or some other felony transpiring?
I rode back, calmed down and we had a good laugh once the speed in my veins went away.
I am thankful Korrin took that pink cape off of me.

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steveb said...

i hate that lowlife shit, good on you for catching him.. probably smart not to kill him

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