Monday, April 23, 2012

Another weekend

Didn't do much this weekend. Rolled out to see Kellie's cousin's band on Friday. Another cover band, nothing great. Felt good to to leave early just to get more miles in. Rode slow and very backroad, as the gestapo was out in full force with roadblocks everywhere.
Saturday was dirtbikes in the yard and an awesome AMA Superbike race on Speed TV.

Towing a Honda VTX to the dealership.

Jeff checking in from Maui.

Hanging with little sis at the bar.


Sunday we did a walk-through of the Lebanon fairgrounds. The 13th Anniversary Party is going to be great. The management of the venue is on board with our way of thinking. The place has covered vendor booths, large pavillion, stage, two arenas, one grass and one soft dirt, free camping, a pond and lighting.

Did I mention FREE CAMPING? Now the mayhem starts on Friday night.

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