Monday, April 30, 2012

Das Woche Ende

Had a good weekend. Friday night was my kid's first baseball game. All the grandparents and I watched him get his first base hit. Suburban parenthood steadily creeping in, life can't always be 80 proof and 100mph.

Before the sporting event, I was able to get some miles in with Bonetti. It was cold, but no rain. Stopped at the Vanilla Bean and there was a new KTM RC8 parked up. Two older dudes from a dealer in Rhode Island were on a long test ride. Very mean looking bike, I especially liked the orange.

Stopped for gas at this lost in time Ford dealership with one gas pump. They had two Shelby GT 500s on the lot.
Saturday I rode around with Butch and Nate. We did a slow, backroad trip to this dude's underground bike shop.

Butch was trying to sell the guy an electric golf car. There was so much cool stuff in the place, but I don't really know the guy well enough to go on a photo blitz of his shop. He does have a shovelhead chopper for sale for $4000.
Saturday night was chill with my kid and we watched the "Wizard of OZ". I still get freaked out by the flying monkeys.
Sunday evening was a bit different. Rammstein was playing in Worcester, Mass. Hit Ralph's Diner for a pre-game burger, a dive bar downtown and then the fire and explosion filled concert. It felt like being in Germany for a few hours.

Burned up 60 with Korrin today on the Road King and 40 on the Triumph doing laundry patrol.
Surprising how many miles you can squeeze in between responsibilities if you really try. Now it is back to work tonight.

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