Monday, August 22, 2011

When Craig Vetter Ruled the World

Quicksilver fairing on Honda CB750F super sport

I bought a 1980 issue of Cycle magazine at the Brit Jam for 50 cents yesterday. I like to scan the old ads, obviously. Although you hardly see a Windjammer these days, the impact of the aftermarket fairing looks pretty huge in this magazine.

Vetter has at least 5 full color pages and there are a number of copy cat companies and Krauser advertising luggage and fairings.

The market was so good that Honda eventually made the fully faired Gold Wing Interstate along with the Silver Wing 500 and virually killed Vetter's market within a few years.

Totally uncool accessories, but they were quality made and worked well. If anything, they helped people ride their bike further and more often. We kinda need his help these days. Trailers are for boats.

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