Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Road Is Calling

Summer is winding down, kid starts school next week. I have had a few nice day trips with my girl, but no long adventures. Family health problems hanging over my head like the sharp blade of a guillotine. When that drops there will be no more motorcycle vacations. I gotta go somewhere.

So I signed out with the boss for a week. I start my vacation tomorrow. Last minute, unprepared, but I don't give a fuck. I can buy whatever I need on the road.
Morning will be an oil change, chain adjust, air pressure check, give Mom a birthday card, see my kid and then roll.

First stop will be an overnight binge drinking episode with Kellie and a couple of her clam jammers. Hampton Beach, New Hampshire with a spot to crash and no need to ride home the same night. Should be fun or end up with a mugshot.

Then ride to Indianapolis, Indiana to see the Moto GP race. Two limey riders named Nigel and Noddy will be there with a flash hotel and I will be the smelly guy sleeping on the floor.

I am excited to see Valentino Rossi race a Ducati and to just see a International series in person. Northern Ohio and Indiana are shitty, flat cornfields so I will hit West Virginia and go West from there, trying to keep it curvy. I can ride the Interstate home.

Since I am obviously riding alone, it will be like that summer a few years back when I was unemployed and doing the GLMC State Park tour. I was apprehensive in the beginning of that Summer. I thought riding alone would suck, but it doesn't. It certainly is not as much fun as rolling with a crew, but strangers always want to be your friend when you are riding solo on a motorcycle.

Retiring the Panasonic camera due to a scratched lens and will be retrograding to a Sony cyber shot. I took better pictures with the Sony, even though the Panasonic had many better features. I will check in with roadpics from the lobby of random hotels.
See ya.

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