Sunday, August 14, 2011

weekend travels

Friday turned into a free afternoon, so the bike headed to the peaceful Northeast corner of CT.

No route planned, just trying to show the fender fluff a field of sunflowers I had heard of in Glasco. Not many farmers grow sunflowers around here.

On an obscure backroad I have never been on, we found Sharpe Hill Vineyard. Beautiful colonial era farm that could be used as a movie set.

We eventually got to the farm, but the sunflowers had been harvested, leaving only twisted stalks and some happy cows.

Ass break in Baltic along the river.

Got back to the club for 4 to meet up with Nate. He wanted me to go with him to look at a cheap Jap bike so he can gain some skills before getting another big twin. Went to Bloomfield to an American Picker type character who had a ton of cool junk at his house. HD 45, RD400, Commando, CB750SS, Corvette, VW bug, 65 Mustang, I mean the guy was either insane or my hero.

Nate picked up a good running GS650G and I ran it home on the repair plate for him.

A guy in the club showed up on a new Street Glide. Nice color.

The rest of Friday was a suckfest and Saturday couldn't come fast enough. Had to ride 100 miles away to a cookout put on by one of our biggest supporters. Mike and his wife, Su have attended every Hot Rod Riot and many other events. They live just South of Boston and put on a nice feed with some cool iron in the driveway.

Headed back South on US1 until we got to providence, Rhode Island. Hit up the Italian neighborhood, "Federal Hill" for a frosty.

Growing up around the corpse of Hartford, it is very interesting to see a real city like Providence. White people in the city after dark with a vibrant and varied nightlife. This weekend was the Water Fire event. Very cool, basically bonfires on the canals in the downtown area with live music.

We did the Route 44 deer alley run and parked it at midnight.

Sunday was another washout for the huge car show in Mudville. Fucked for something to do, Sasquatch called up with a free ticket to see Dwight Yoakam. Hell yes. Max got to go to his first real concert.
Show was at the Indian Ranch campground, which has a nice stage and seating. The regulars at this place all look like members of the Bar Fly Hall of Fame. Drinking looks like the only activity for these happy campers.

We sat in the rain and dug the honky tonk. The dude still sounds good after all these years and makes the broads scream when he does his guitar dance. I was very happy, I thought I would never get to see him.
It was a good weekend. Man, I am plain worn out. Max feels the same way.

Only a couple more weekends left for Summer. Motherfuckers better get out and enjoy it. You will be shoveling snow soon enough.

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