Wednesday, January 5, 2011

symbol of coolness

I was thinking tonight as I checked out the daily update from the Dakar Rally that a lot of race teams have the same sponsor, Red Bull. It is comparable to the coolest sponsor of my childhood, STP.

I fist saw Red Bull on the fairings of World Super Bikes back in the late 90's when I would read BIKE magazine from the UK. What the fuck is Red Bull? Who knew?

Then one super hungover, Sunday morning in Olpe, Germany I found out. I staggered down to the local ARAL gas station, the only business open on that bleak morning. I tried a can of Red Bull. Would it help me feel better? Would I get magic energy? Would it cure a Locksteddder hangover?

The skinny can only provided a good case of heartburn, but now I knew. Soon it became available in the US and was hailed as the snake oil of the internet age.

Here are some pics I stole of Red Bull sponsored racing.

ktm super stock rc8

skoda irc

robby gordon trophy truck

Rhys Millen 2007

brumos porsche prototype 2003

scott harden dakar 2005

vw baja 1000 2009

David Pearson KTM ama hare & hound 2008

Kabirov Kamaz Dakar 2010

red bull rookies 2010

Mattias Ekström 2010 dtm

Mark Webber 2010 Renault F-1

Rhys Millen 2009 pikes peak hyundai

Sébastien Loeb wrc 2009

Sébastien Ogier wrc

David Coulthard USA 2006 F-1

Jean Christophe Boullion 1995 F-1

John Reynolds, Red Bull Ducati, 1997 British Superbikes
© Simon J Evans

travis patrana rally america

josh herrin ama

james stewart ama motocross

geoff aaron ama trials

cole whitt nascar

brian vickers nascar

All this and it doesn't even include air racing and the numerous event sponsorships.
I think it is a good thing enegy drinks are popular.
Maybe i will do a Monster post next week.

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