Saturday, January 15, 2011

Bonneville, Connecticut

Local dude Steve Van Blarcom had his Winter party last night. He had a hundred people over to his toy box. It is a nice time, you get to check out details on some Land Speed Racers and hear some horsepower.

The blown flathead bellytanker was driven to the party! The urban myth is that the tank body is from a P38 Lockheed Lightning and was underground being used as a water storage device, along with another.

The streamliner has a turbocharged Audi 4 cylinder, hence the German nickname.

Of course the roadster is the star of the show and blows everyones eardrums when it fires up. Hard to believe there are LSR cars all over Connecticut. The saltflats seem so far away.

Stuff like this gets me through Winter without losing sanity.

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