Wednesday, January 5, 2011

MC Roadcrew times

Here are the dates and times of your programs for January.

Channel 5

MC Road Crew Episode 1

January 3rd: 5:00pm

January 7th: 9:30pm

January 10th: 11:30am

January 12th: 10:00am

January 19th: 2:30pm

January 24th: 7:00pm

January 25th: 6:00pm

January 28th: 12:30pm

MC Road Crew Episode 2

January 3rd: 7:00pm

January 6th: 10:00am

January 11th: 4:00pm

January 14th: 9:30pm

January 17th: 12:30pm

January 21st: 6:00pm

January 26th: 1:30pm

January 28th: 4:00pm

January 31st: 11:00am

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