Saturday, June 2, 2012

Buco Horsehide Finale

Finally got together with Eileen The Slipper lady. She came highly recommended as the person to repair the zipper on Pop's old jacket. Tina and I took a ride out to her workshop in East Heroin. Eilen is a free sprirt of a person, kind of a blend between hippie and Indian mystic. She has a Yamaha Special 650 and brings it along with her when she does the show circuit, setting up her leather tent at bike rallies.
She had the jacket done in a week and at the price she quoted. She also went above and beyond by fixing a couple torn seams and hand stiching the wool liner back into usable shape. You don't see good service like that anywhere these days.

I gave the jacket back to Pops today. he put it on, well almost. It didn't fit, but for a few moments this morning, he was a rough and tumble teenage delinquent again.

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