Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Requiem of a Parakde

The ceremony came, politicians in hardhats patted themselves on their backs and mentally counted the dirty money they will soon be making. TV cameras rolled and a hungry excavator pulled down a facade. A few old lot rats showed and we drank some beers and spoke of our golden years.

After that I turned to the two wheeled escape pod and rode the riverline down to the ocean.
It was low tide. I always get my son a sea shell when I ride to the ocean. he likes them and it eases my guilt about not having him with me. Korrin found a horseshoe crab stuck upside-down on the rocks. She picked his fossil ass up by the tail and put him back in the water.

Stopped at the local roadhouse for free happy hour seafood and kicked the local know-it-all's ass in a close game of trivia.

It was a good Monday.

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