Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Long Weekend

Nothing really hardcore this weekend. Had my son from Friday to Monday evening, so I was local.
             I took the nation's oldest ferry across the Connecticut river for lunch with Kellie on friday.

                                          Then it was yoof baseball with max and my parents.

Sunday was the traditional anti-helmet law advocate's memorial run. This year wasn't a run, just a rally at the Montville Polish Club
Then 120 miles of awesome back roads and country lanes.
Monday was a Memorial Day parade in Nathan hale's hometown and some canoe action in the lake.

 Monday evening was a two hour, motorcycle dive tour before work with Kellie and Ian.
Trophy got some fresh oil today, it needed it badly.
Tina and I explored an abandoned insane asylum this afternoon. You know this place has to be haunted. So evil.

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