Monday, July 11, 2011

hot rod riot 6, my view

working the gate you don't get to see much of the party. Oh, but when the end of the day comes, you enjoy the fun so much more

Rain again, torrential downpour put a small dent in friday's attendance.

Triumph Billy was the first bike to arrive.

Since we added Friday night, we also had music. Scuzzo booked 5 punk bands including the M13. They impressed everyone, including non-music people.

the bands ended and the rain continued. The rest of the night was spent under the overhang of the 4H building. Beers until we could beer no more, then sleep.

Reaver and his boys rode in the rain Friday from Upstate NY. They stayed in the IronButt Pavillion with Billy. Saturday's weather was perfect.

Then the rods started arriving. Not as many as I expected. Maybe it was the Tornado relief show one town over or total market saturation with a "rat rod" show every week this month.

Steve B gets some shots of a peashooter with unknown history.

Jacqui sits on Big King's winning Triumph and Jeff's winning Chevy truck sits behind.
Was almost 4 by the time Chet and I got to award the Golden Wrenches, a little late.

Sundown and my shift was over, pulled up for a front row seat to the show.

The last two bands were on tour together and driving in from Asbury Lanes, NJ. Tex railer's Doomtown finally went on.

Ricky and the boys from Volusia County came all the way up for the party.

Sasquatch and the Sick a Billys closed out the show.

The hard working prospects handled the final clean up and I drove the Cadillac home for a much needed, air conditioned rest.
Thanks to all our musicians, guests, vendors and friends who always make our events great.

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steveb said...

that was a great time, thanks for doing it

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