Thursday, March 24, 2011

You can help in Japan

I am not Mr. Charity in any way. Most of them are rip offs. There is a blog I follow, No Future Tokyo
They are a bunch of hardcore Tokyo bikers who terrorize the neon nights of Japan's biggest city.
This week they have taken it upon themselves to travel North and help their fellow countrymen out with basic needs for survival. Their blog shows devastation that I have a hard time comprehending.
Please help them out if you can, this is grass roots charity with no bullshit corporation taking a 50% cut.

I sent a meager amount through Pay Pal and will again on payday. Even if it is just a tank of gas to get up there, I am sure Motoyan and his crew will appreciate it.

Motoyan a.k.a. Hideyuki Usui

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