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but since this is my blog and not run by a committee of stooges, I can post whatever the fuck I like. As I am almost done with my National Geographic CD exploration, I saw a few airplane images I like. Airplanes are the only thing cooler than motorcycles. Here you go.
Someday you will be able to call up your husband and nag him while he flies the stealth bomber.

Curtiss Wright P40

Douglas propaganda ad before we got in the war.

Lockheed 1939

Marmon made cars and aircraft "Liberty" engines.

Charles Lindbergh went on a two up tour with his wife. They flew this Lockheed Sirius.

When the war started, the production of cars was halted. Every company turned their production to war materiel. Nash made some stuff for the F4 U1 Corsair. Most companies would boast about the particular product they got the contract for.

A P-40 Flying Tiger from the 1979 Oshkosh Air Meet, the largest in the world.

Lockheed promoted the P38 Lightning. Awesome plane with two Allison engines.

This airplane was the inspiration for Cadillac tailfins in 1948.

Lockheed would make one of the coolest airliners after the war.

Our highest scoring ace of WWII flew a P38, a guy named Bong.

P-40 fighters flying near the factory in Buffalo, New York

Dramatic angle.

Along the Hudson River in Rhinebeck, New York, there is a grass airfield that flies antique WW1 planes. It is still operational today and worth a visit, especially on the weekend of the antique bike meet. This is from 1970. Red Baron replica.

1933 seaplane used by the US Coast Guard for rescue missions.

squadron of US Navy carrier based planes from 1933

Royal Air Force crew prepares a Vultee Vengeance for action in 1941

Captain Chuck Yeager and the Bell X-1, first to break the sound barrier and live.

Graf Zeppelin on an around the world tour in 1930, pre Hitler era.

Lockheed ad before the war

Civil Air Patrol keeping the skies free of enemy invaders.

Tojo's Physic B-17 crew after a mission in 1943

B-58 Hustler, coolest name for a plane. In service from 1960-1970. Expensive and not very useful due to the improved Soviet S.A.M. missles.

More Fokker dreidekker replica from Rhinebeck 1970.

An island full of B24 Liberators waiting for unglorious death in the South Pacific. They will be cut up and melted for scrap.

B-17 getting warmed up for maximum effort

Newark, New Jersey airport in 1933. Still there today.

Pan Am "Santa Rosa" on a Peruvian tour in 1930.

Model of the Soviet Super Sonic Transport, built to rival the Concorde. 1970

1959 Chevies wait for a United flight. Jet-Age

B-17 bombers rain death upon Germany.

1950 shooting stars

4 engines, 10 crewmen, no armor, no heater, 50% chance of death.

German Fokker flies over Victoria Falls in Africa in 1939

Freezing your balls off exploring the North and South poles was big in National Geographic. This ski equipped plane is in 1938.

DC 3 heading South 1937

Pan Am Clipper is big news in 1936

More freezing in Antarctica in 1936

most famous plane ever, 1928

The super sonic Concorde 1977. fast and beautiful. too bad the career ended with the firey image of the crash.

a two page pull out of the USAF fleet in 1965. The SR71 is an interceptor?

Born from jets, F 100 super Sabre and a 55 chevy. Like a jet pilot would drive a 4 door sedan.

Kelvinator/Corsair 1943. The Corsair is Connecticut's official state plane.

Flying boat illustration 1942 nash.

Lockheed 1941

More Zeppelin awesomeness. 1930

Ford Tri Motor airplane. $50,000 bucks back in 1930.

Playboy millionaires in the depression had to have at least one of these toys. 1930

US Air Mail, 1926. Most of this article featured crash pictures. dangerous job for sure.

all photos from National Geographic Magazine.

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