Sunday, June 6, 2010

weekly scribble

Got fired, hopefully collecting from the government. With my sudden discovery of free time, I will be able to get more material for this blog.
Have been riding a lot to contain the vile thoughts that have been in my head since the pink slip.
This weekend was another good one. Club party then Diamondback outdoors at the Tiger on Friday.
Hooked up with Butch and Bonnie and got 8 points in the GLMC Grand Tour on Saturday. Since Bonnie was riding her 74 XL, I did the day on the 78. 200 miles of backroads in the Berkshires. No rain all day but we crossed back into CT and the scene of some small tornado action. Branches and trees torn down throughout Suffield, East Windsor and Rockville.
Chancey from The Sixgun Republic called up and remided me of their gig at Rose's, so I rolled to Groton for a 3 act bill that included American Speedway.
Tomorrow i will be back to promoting the Riot and maybe some quality stuff for blogland.


Hacksaw said...

well ray, you have my support.

i was going to come up friday but didnt see anything on the blog.
now i understand.


Murdercycles said...

I want to make a day trip to Rhinebeck. Dunkin Donuts, Route 4, Farmington, 9am Friday?

Hacksaw said...

that looks like a go
E sent

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