Saturday, June 12, 2010

Unemployment Sucks!

Here is my past few days, doing American Pickers type stuff, seeing naked broads, old bikes and rusty cars.

Free truck.

Free porn.

Free Imperial

One load of GT185s

Firestone engine

GT185 fleet


Sasquatch is the MC for a burlesque show in the old Pope factory.

Good to be an unemployed bum.

Eric from Sex Slaves NYC

Rolling with Hacksaw to Rhinebeck.

That really sexy chick that rides the Wall of Death.

Got fired from TSI HD, but the parts manager still rolls with me. Fuck the owner's Son In Law.

Tie your mother down.

Dude had a Sex Slaves key lanyard, turns out his cousin is Eric in the band.

I still got something accomplished.


Hacksaw said...

always my pleasure to get a ride in with you and/or anyone from your crew.

Hacksaw said...
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