Saturday, March 6, 2010

Note from Hacksaw in Phillipines

you guys are my good luck charms wherever i ride. Piddig, Ilocos Norte Province on Luzon in the Filipines is my wife's hometown.
The Basi rebellion was over a tax the Spanish put on Basi. Basi is distilled sugar cane. not much being made today with rice bringing more value and so much cheap gin available now. but years ago Basi was king and Pidig was the Basi capital of Ilocos. thus the basi rebellion. picture several hundered very angry and very drunk filipinos armed with machetes. LOL! anyways, a couple of pics attached.
flying the MURDERCYCLES USA iron cross is better than any gremlin bell canever be!!! thanks for all of your past support and see ya soon i hope!

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