Wednesday, March 17, 2010

New Haven, CT Cafe 9

Had to travel the 60 miles to new haven last night. The mayor of New Haven, EBomb, had a silkscreen done for us.
Brisk ride down I91 peppered with squadrons of sportbikes zipping by at 140. The FLs felt like tugboats.
We meet up at a cool joint called Cafe 9. This night they had Vinyl Happy Hour. It wasn't a PVC bondage hour, rather a dude spinning LP RECORDS. Cool to hear songs from the early part of our musical knowledge.
Met Jamie, a bartender/photographer/entrapeneur who knows as much about bikes as almost anyone I know. Was really digging the vibe and didn't want to go home.
Had some cheep PBRs and a cold ride home.

Day 16 was a good one on two wheels.

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steveb said...

next time you guys come down this way - lemme no!

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