Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Damn American Pickers!!!!!!!!!

American Pickers is a show on the History Channel that threatens to destroy a very important source of funding and enjoyment for me.

The show is about two dudes in Iowa that drive around in a Sprinter van scabbing up relics from unsuspecting farmers and hoarders.

I fear that this show will do to junk hunting what the Barret-Jackson auction did for old cars, Orange County Choppers did for custom motorcycles and Jersey Shore did for retarded Italians.

It will make everyone think their shit is worth a fortune and set a million amateur scroungers out into the backwoods fucking it up for us professionals.

Hunting treasure and properly dealing with the Yankee types is a knife-edged skill honed after years of heartbreak and dissappointment. Without this magic power, I would not have my 61 Cadillac and many other things hanging on the wall of the clubhouse. The invasion of greenhorns could also close access to Yankee tombs for years to come.

The show itself isn't bad, but the copycat crimes it will perpetrate will cause Chopper Chet, Petis and I much harm. I don't even see how these guys on the show even make enough money to cover the fuel and coffee for some of their runs.

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