Sunday, January 22, 2012

NYC Bike Show weekend.

The weekend started off on Friday. I got a deal on a battery to get the Road King running. It was nice to ride it around after 3 years of being apart. Friday night we had a taco dinner at the club. Turned out to be a fun night closing out at the strip joint.

Winter is pretty long, but show promoters are pretty dumb. The big Progressive show was in New York this weekend. The two local motorcycle expos, Kev-Marv and Springfield, decided to schedule their events this same weekend, 25 miles apart. Because of them not working together, the spectator is almost guaranteed two thinly stocked shows to choose from. Idiots. We chose to drive to NYC in a snowstorm to spend our time and $15.

Got done with the show, caught a cab down to East Village. On the recommendation of a friendly chick working at the comic book store, we ate at Paul's, da Burger Joint. Freshly ground beef burgers, served up big and fast. We then returned to our 42nd Street hotel to rest up for late night drinking. Bars in NYC don't close until 4am.

Otto's Shrunken Head was the spot we chose. Good, loud dive bar filled with weirdos and rock & roll. Many drinks, almost a bar room brawl and chicks with light up snakes in their hair. r During the debauchery we ran into a guy Eldorado knew. After closing time went with Chris to Odessa Diner for 5 am breakfast.

I was just amazed that we were able to score a decent hotel for $120, including inside parking. New York gets the reputation of being a hard ass place filled with jerks. This weekend we met nothing but kind, polite and fun people, including the cab drivers.

Now back to the grind and get focused on the Moto Guzzi and getting the fleet registered.

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