Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Temps in the 40's today, so I took an after lunch ride. Explored the back roads between the Connecticut and Thames Rivers. Lots of colonial period houses, barns and narrow lanes. A couple even turned to gravel, but I was at explorer speed today, not Isle of Man speed.
Stopped at Giant's Neck Beach and grabbed a few sea shells for my kid. The coveted nautilus shell was in short supply. Every example had been previously pillaged by the hungry flock of seagulls loitering on the beach. Two high speed Acela trains passed each other on the bridge overlooking the beach.

As the sun got lower in the afternoon sky, it got a bit colder. I headed back to Mudville via Colchester. There was a small bike shop I was curious to check out. I haven't been there sine '99 or so. Back then it was a sketchy, unlicensed joint selling salvage bikes. Now the place is nice, with a selection of lightly used repossessions and a service department. There was a 1980 Guzzi CX100 Le Mans with a retro 850 Le Mans fairing, but the price was out of line. He wanted $6,000, which is the price range for a genuine 850 Le Mans MK1. Got home around sunset, then rode to work at 10pm, on the last day of January! So much different from last Winter.

Colonial Mill turned into country estate. Still had its own dams and millraces. I have never been on this Lyme road before. Lyme is famous for the deer tick disease.

Middle of Winter and the locals here still give you the hairy eyeball when you visit this beach.

Cool, but too expensive. Guzzis should always be cheap.

Clean Griso 1100.

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