Sunday, January 29, 2012

Corbis goes for a ride

1959, Manhattan, Harlem Motorcycle Gang. Image by Norman Parkinson

1973 Barefoot Couple Wearing Beach Clothing Riding Motorcycle. Image by Photo Media

1949, UK. A man and a woman ride a motorcycle around the "wall of death" to promote BSA motorcycles. Image by Hulton-Deutsch Collection

1969, Hendersonville, North Carolina, Billy and Benny McCrary stop to put air in their tires. Image by Bettmann

1932, Surrey, England, A lost motorcylist seeks directions from an Automobile Association (A.A.) road scout, Image by Hulton-Deutsch

1950 A newlywed couple takes off on a motorcycle after their wedding. Image by Bettmann

1958, Tanzania. Wyman Carroll, wild game hunter, hitches a ride on the back of a young black rhino. Carroll, is a native of Norwich, Conn.
Image by Bettmann

1962, Las Vegas, English sheep dog, "Zero Zero" by name drives around in his own special sidecar. Image by Bettmann

1986, Kautokeino, Norway. In the past, Laplanders use to work on foot. Today, small Japanese motorcycles make their work easier. Image by Julio Donoso

1960, Australia. A pet koala bear named Cuthbert clings tightly to Ian Swayne's shirt.
Image by Hulton-Deutsch
Source is Corbis

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