Sunday, January 1, 2012

The District

Instead of my typical Bike Week vacation, I took off the week between Christmas and New Year's Day to spend some time with my kid and give his grandparents a much needed break.

I pondered what to do and where to go. Florida and the Disney thing would be too much money and too much driving.

I reached back into my cloudy memory and grabbed onto Washington, D.C. I had taken a school trip there when I was in eighth grade and have ridden through it on my bike a couple times. Knowing the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum was there was enough to convince me. Maybe Max would learn something would serve as an added bonus.

I went online and found a room at the Beacon Hotel, and hoped it would not be a bedbug infested slum for the $89 a night fee they charged.

Max and I loaded up Wednesday morning for our first road trip together. The driver's window had jumped off of the track in my Dad's Lincoln the night before in Boston, so I took the Pennsylvania route to avoid the numerous toll booths on I-95. No traffic and Max didn't make much squawking for the long drive.

Found my way through the city to our hotel. The crazy traffic circles and curvy streets took a bit to get used to. The streets were well marked, but you have to choose your line in the circles to get to the right outlet. Some took a couple laps.

The Beacon was nice and we got an executive suite, I only hope the online company doesn't rip me off on the bill. We valet parked the car and settled in for the night.

The general consensus around Mudville is D.C. is a few blocks of white, marble buildings surrounded by dangerous ghettos filled with violent Negroes. I was amazed to find it a cosmopolitan city, clean and filled with an interesting mix of modern office buildings and 1800's mansions, townhouses and statues. Everyone was, for the most part, friendly and helpful. The rudest people were the suburban, American housewives and their rude kids.

We walked down to the White House, Washington Monument and a few of the Smithsonian Institution's great museums. We also figured out how to ride the Metro subway system and took a drive out to the amazing Udvar-Hazy Center in Chantilly, Virginia.

I really enjoyed my trip, especially with the luxury hotel for Motel 6 prices. Max was excited about the Washington Monument and seeing the Enterprise Space Shuttle. I hope the memory of our first adventure stays with him for a long time and inspires him to try and repair our failing country.

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