Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Murder Miglia 2013 begins today

The rules are simple. Ride your motorcycle 100 miles every day for 10 days in a row. Take a photo with a time stamp of some sort with date, time and odometer reading at beginning of day and one at the end of the day. Only 100 miles counts per day, so riding 300 miles a day does nothing to help your results. Miss a day or miles for any reason, you are disqualified. You can re-start again if there are enough days left in the month. You choose which ten days you want to run. The earliest days usually offer the best weather. Send your daily results to murdercycles@hotmail.com or post them on Ray Luce's facebook page. he will be keeping track. Successful finishers will get some sort of cool, but cheap prize and a party at Murdercycles Clubhouse. If you think it is easy, you will be surprised how difficult it is. Many try, few finish.

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