Sunday, May 26, 2013

Help a guy out, for fuck's sake.

                                                               Urban Myth #14
                                                              Biker Brotherhood.
This guy was broken down on the road across the street from Stash's in New London during a poker run. In the time I noticed him trying to fix his bike, over 200 "Righteous Bros" rode past him. Not one bike, not one, stopped to see if he needed a hand. We walked over, tried to push start him and finally diagnosed a loose ground wire to the frame and got it running. Why did nobody stop? Because he had a flashy jacket and that automatically meant "RICE BURNER"?
No, morons, it was a Buell, made by the holiest Harley-Davidson.
So the next time you hear somebody waxing poetically about 'The Brotherhood of the Road', tell them to shut the fuck up.


Mikey said...

"It's always been important for Hell's Angels to ride American-made machines. In terms of pure workmanship, personally I don't like Harleys. I ride them because I'm in the club, and that's the image, but if I could I would seriously consider riding a Honda ST1100 or a BMW. We really missed the boat not switching over to the Japanese models when they began building bigger bikes. I'll usually say, "FUCK Harley-Davidson. You can buy an ST1100 and the motherfucker will do 110 miles per hour right from the factory all day long ... While it's probably too late to switch over now, it would have been a nice move because Japanese bikes today are so much cheaper and better built. However, Japanese motorcycles don't have as much personality."
-Sonny Barger
Now rides a Victory

Grumpy Old Biker said...

I guess that makes me the oddball. I've stopped for every broke down biker / motorcyclist, and have even gotten off an exit to turn around because I've spotted one on the other side of a highway. I guess it's the new age, and "IT'S ALL ABOUT ME FUCKERS" mentality.

Crazy Horse said...

Stash's is still around? Wow, I remember back in the early 1990's when I painted his bike.

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