Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Random motorcycles

Tonight I had to help out at the TV studio with another student's half assed project. After two painful hours of torture, I set about the next errand. I was driving down a short cut to return my Mom's Beetle. I had borrowed it to bring my kid to visit his mom in the hospital. Yep, the day had been a complete suck so far.

Then I see this old guy pushing a bright yellow Norton Commando in his driveway. What The Fuck? I squealed to a stop, grabbed the combat cam and introduced myself.
I asked if it was for sale. "No, I have 50 bikes." was the answer. Holy Shit, I have never even seen this guy before.

He took me into his garage where he kept a few of his runners. Half a dozen Triumphs and two airhead BMWs. I recognized one green Trump with a cat tail light lens as a bike I photographed at the Stafford Swap meet a few weeks back.

Joe told a few stories and we knew a few of the same people. He was very cool and has agreed to an interview with the MC Roadcrew TV camera in the future. This chance meeting really cheered up a gloomy day.


steveb said...

good find, gems are out there, ya just have to stop and smell the roses

Murdercycles said...

You had a second of public access glory last night as MC Roadcrew Episode Three aired. A quick shot of you and Perewitz from NYC.
See ya on the road,

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