Monday, November 15, 2010

centrifical clutch

What began as a light hearted joke ended as one of the best parties we have ever had.

El Narcum's minibike challenge turned into a huge event with all sizes of machines and people running the gravel oval around the clubhouse.

Luckily I was able to beat El down the backstretch of our 2 lap race. She had me out of the gate and all of the first lap.

Rory West cobbled together a bike with go kart slicks and a crazy alcohol powered engine that required wheelie bars to be fabbed up just to make it rideable.

Motoconsult showed up with a full team and a Honda Dream 50 grand prix replica. Ben's kid can really ride and gave Sparks a good run in the 5 lap melee final.

Positive energy and everyone smiling. It was great. Maybe a two or three event schedule next year.

Photos by Steve Allcroft, Ray Luce and Michelle Terranova

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