Thursday, December 3, 2009

Christmas Party Raffle Bike

NEWS FLASH! TSI Harley-Davidson of Ellington has just donated a 1985 Harley-Davidson Sportster as a raffle prize for the 10th Annual Murdercycles Christmas Party! Tickets will be $20 for the bike raffle. Someone at the party will be leaving with a Harley!


Crazy Horse said...

Now that is cool. Oh hell, I would have to live 800 miles away. Are you only selling raffle tickets at the party?

Murdercycles said...

Yep, you have to come to the party to get a ticket. You have to be at the party when we draw the winner. Come on up.

Crazy Horse said...

And with DiamondBack playing too! Tell Jimmy Bell that JoAnn, Angie's friend from Daytona said hi.
I wish I could there. You guys have the coolest parties. I'm gonna have to plan my trip to CT to take place during one of your shindigs.
I got to go to Flint, MI for business, other than that I'll be here in the shop working while there is work in the shop to do. Against the odds my shop is busy and I am taking full advantage of that.
But seriously, early next year, I will have to make a long delayed to trip to CT to see Family and friends, and hopefully, it will be during one of your rides/parties. It would make for a sweet feature in Cycle Source.
In the meantime, I dig reading and seeing stuff from my home state of CT.

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