Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Sprint Car 7

Pistol Pete and I went down to the Chuckwagon for lunch, saw a vintage Sprint car chassis on a trailer with more pieces tucked under a tarp on the pickup hauling it. After a Gyro, I profiled a booth of dudes in the corner as the owners.
Struck up a converstaion with the guy who owns Seals It. Used to race it back in the early 60's with a fuel injected Hemi. Him and his crew of race fossils were fronting a little, so I wasn't interesting in getting more info.
Race track Dinosaurs should be happy that anyone in Connecticut even recognizes what a sprint car is.

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Crazy Horse said...

Sad that these guys don't realize that its cool to pass on history. hell, you've got to have someone to pass history onto.
Or maybe they tried and someone dissed them so they're sour about it.
Either way, their loss.

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