Friday, June 12, 2009

Sauerland Riding

It rained again here today. As I rode the 40 miles to work, it reminded me of the weather in my German hometown, Olpe, Sauerland.
It always rains there, even if it is sunny 50 miles away in Cologne. I entered the name of Martin's village, Dumicke, into Youtube and this corny video showed up. The car even goes by Martin's Hotel/Restaurant.

The roads around Olpe and Dumicke are wonderful. Smoothly paved and curvy. The one road by Martin's is well used by day tripping bikers on the weekend. Martin has a crazy cousin that lives in his village. The cousin has a KTM Super Motard. He likes to wait for a tourist on a Ducati to start blasting around the Bigge Lake. He goes out and spanks them on his bike. His intimate knowledge of every corner and being nuts gives him an advantage. Pisses off a guy with a Superbike to lose to a dirt bike.
I miss my German friends.

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