Friday, August 2, 2013

Cape Cod

Spent a few free days on Cape Cod. It is a strange place full of cedar shingled houses, fake windmills and old people. I had a good time, even without the motorcycle. I had to adjust to simple enjoyments of swimming with my kid, looking at sea shells, eating a meal with close friends and general laziness.

One day we drove to Provincetown on

One day we drove to Provincetown on the outer end of the cape and took a sand dune tour in a Chevy Suburban. Our driver was a drag queen, but a good tour guide. They had a candid picture hanging in the office of Steve McQueen and Faye Dunaway driving in his dune buggy from 'The Thomas Crown Affair'.

Across the street was a tattoo shop and I watched a crew of bearded dudes shuffle out of the place and amble down the sidewalk. I checked out their fleet, old school badness.

Motorcycle redemption came after I got home and realized I had left all my keys and Leathermans in a pair of pants back at the vacation house. Thursday was 350 miles of Triumph blasting back to the Cape to retrieve them.

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