Monday, June 10, 2013

June wanderings

The local auction house had some vintage whiskey bottles from a Willimantic bottler. Chet is Mr. Willimantic so we went and came home with one.

Thursday took a ride to Americase at Lake George, NY with L8N8 and Brendan.

Brendan's brannd new CVO started popping out of gear, so he bailed in New Boston, Mass. Harleys are becoming shitboxes again.

                                                               My bike started gushing gas in Fort Ann, NY. N8 had to go and buy some tools to get the tank off. Luckily it was just a rubber gas line failure.

Fixed and a victory beer, or two.
Mase it to the lake. Fuckers wanted $10 to park. We pulled into a hotel and used their shit for free.
                                               A couple more beers and some waitresses.

Snuck into rally HQ, then checked out the demo tents.

Rode home 200 miles in the rain and barely made it to work for 10 pm.
Saturday the rain stopped and I went for a spin with Max.

Has a couple cheeseburgers at DWMC.
Rivers were raging.

Mysterious Russian jet at Bradley Field.
Sunday was a Subaru Rally for free and a swim in the lake.

Next mission: Hillclimbs at Laconia Bike Week.

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