Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Burt Ives Honda selling out

Stopped by the local Honda dealer to get some nuts for the boy's Z50. Noticed the showroom devoid of motorcycles. "What's up?"
"Selling out."
Then Ken Ives Sr. gave us a tour of the old photos on the wall from when he was young and raced, The shop even had an XR750 back in the 70's. A glass framed case contained a uniform from Burt's Riders MC, hilariously similar to the Connecticut State Trooper uniform. They won best appearing club in Laconia one year.
More stories about his father, who my grandfather used to ride with occasionally. The hard times when they first opened in the 30's, fixing bikes in the day and delivering packages from the train depot at night with a servi-car. Riding the whole damn family in a sidecar rig, one son seated in front of dad, one in back on the bike, momma and two others in the sidecar.

Then a tour of the old, original service bay that was heated with a home made waste oil heater constructed of a grease barrel and a truck brake drum.

The good thing is his estranged son is buying it, he runs a successful Kawasaki dealership next town over. Their feud maybe of local legend, but I am glad the family line will continue.

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