Monday, December 10, 2012

Top Ten Cycle Moments for 2012

The year of Mayan Apocolype is almost over, just a few weeks left. Since everyone makes a Top Ten list, so will I.
This list is not in any exact order, except for the first spot. For some reason it stands out as the pure joy, fun and adventure that only a motorcycle can give you.
The riding season was long and packed with many other rides and mis-adventures that might well be on a regular person's Lifetime Top Ten. I have a high threshold for entertainment.

Here is the list:
1. Riding with Cuzzin in Brooklyn, NYC after the Brooklyn Invitational.

2.Riding with Korrin, sitting side saddle, to Bill and Donna's wedding.

3. New Year's Day ride with the club and Lisa to Staffordville.

4. Riding with Max to vacation with Kellie in Hampton Beach,New Hampshire.

5. Riding to the summit of Mount Washington, after getting busted by the local Sherriff, with Chet & Nate.

6. Sleeping on the ground next to my brother's Harley that I rode to Milltown.

7. 130mph top speed returning from Middletown Motorcycle Mania with Lisa.

8. Ride to lunch at Skipper's Dock, Stonington Borough with Tina.

9. Riding to Newport, Rhode Island with Ralf & Doro.

10. All day & night March Maine adventure with Kellie and Amy Alberta.

Motorcycles and friends, they make life worth living.

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Anne Pradke said...

Sounds like you had a fantastic year Ray full of adventure! You rock! :)

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