Sunday, August 12, 2012

Lyme Ride

Lyme disease was invented right here in Connecticut. Every year a guy I know does a charity ride to help fund research. I usually think charities are rip offs, but this is a grass roots thing and his wife has Lyme disease. It kind of messed up their lives. It was a poker run through the New London-Haddam area. Nice scenery along the ocean and Connecticut river and a good spread of food at the finish. Max went along and drew the cards. He has the same luck gambling as I do, bad. We got a 3, 7, 10, Jack and a 6.

Although I ride every day, I knew fewer than 5 people at this event. Pretty strange. I guess the weekend warrior, charity rider scene is much bigger than I suspected. I took alternate routes a couple times when the group I wound up in would be too gay with the exhaust or too wobbly in the riding. Overall it was a well run event and not a money grab, you got a good value with the final destination.

photos by Dexter Balyeat Jr.

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