Monday, June 4, 2012

Bennington Bash

I had heard from a few people that normally attend our happy hour that they were going to the Bennington Triumph Bash for the weekend. I checked out the website and it seemed legit, an internet style gathering.

I had some free time during the day Friday, so i figured i would blast up to Vermont for the lunch meeting scheduled, have a beer, buy a T shirt and get home for 5pm to get Max.

Punched out of work and was on the road by 8:40. I rode up Interstate 91 to Northampton, Mass. That is where US Route 5 gets clear and enjoyable. In Greenfield, the Mohawk Trail intersects. I stopped at Dunks for a coffee and got a free donut. Free is Good.

murdercycles approved
The Mohawk Trail is a good, winding road that has just been freshly paved and striped. Not a ripple or bump to be found. The long sweepers were a lot of fun, especially with no traffic. There is only one construction zone you have to stop at, the rest is sweet.

Bridge of Flowers, Shelburne Falls, Mass
By the time I got to the downhill hairpins into North Adams, Mass., I was behind a real Triumph chopper. He downshifted and pulled over after the last turn. I got to the bottom of the hill and found a spot to turn around, heading back up to see if he was broken down.

Hairpin, North Adams
Turns out he was just adjusting a long drill bit he was taking to a welding shop. He makes mushroom lamps for trendy people in NYC,  He wasn't even going to the event, the bike was his daily Summer rider since the mid 80's.

Not an internet biker
Back on the road and onto Route 8 into Vermont. This was a challenging road and I almost wiped out a couple times with my over abundance of speed enthusiasm. 8 to VT 9 and the downhill slide into Bennington. I took this real slow as I got a speeding ticket last Summer that has yet to be paid. Dr. Richard Kimball on 2 wheels.

I drove past the rally point at the Bennington Station restaurant, no bikes. In fact, no bikes anywhere. I was still early, so I wandered up to the Bennington Monumet, a tall spike that looms over the town. It is a monument dedicated to the Patriots who defeated the British and Hessians during a Revolutionary battle. 3 bucks gets you an elevator ride to the top. Nice views.
Kill the British!

Next I stopped at the offices of Hemmings Motor News. They have a small museum in the basement with some interesting cars and a great sign collection.

Brown covered magazine
After a half hour I figured it was time for lunch at the station, Triumphs or not. It turned out, not. I parked and went in for a beer. A few minutes later a chick came in and asked if I was there for the Bash, she had just rode a Thruxton 900 from Boston. We remarked at how few bikes were in town and had lunch.

Lunch partner

After cashing out, there were ten or so Triumphs in the lot. I rode over and asked about getting a T shirt. None to be had. Al, the promoter, said you had to pre-order them online. "How about a sticker?" "Nope."

Al explains no T shirts or stickers

Internet bikers are a bit strange. One guy had a small dog in a screened purse. Another guy was spending an hour trying to get his horn to work. I saw a guy with a Rockers shirt and asked him if Seth was around. A few wise ass answers later, he told me they were camped up on Rt 9 at the Greenwood campgrounds.

Pursedog, Wise-ass and Horatio Hornblower all in one shot

The cool chick from Boston
Time was slipping away, so I split and ran into Seth at the campground, Luckily his wife had a stack of embroidered event patches, so my mission was not a complete failure. She gave me one. Free is Good.
Seth and Lilly with dog.
Mission complete

The ride home was fast and getting chilly as the rain moved in. I made it home in time to pick up my kid. All was in order with a fun 300 mile day.

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