Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Old Leather

While I was out riding by the ocean yesterday, I remembered an errand I could do.
A few months back, Kellie had left a jacket behind in Groton after a night of hard drinking and live Sasquatch.

I pulled into the strip joint lot and parked the bike. My eyes made that daylight to neon glow adjustment and I found the bar tender. She didn't have much hope for the jacket to still be around, she wanted a description of it. I said, "It is a cheezy 1970's style, shit brown jacket with Harley wings on the back of it."

I was happy to see her return from from some secret back room with the item in her hand.

Kellie picked up the jacket at breakfast this morning. Now I wouldn't buy this thing for $5 at a tag sale, but it has sentimental value to her. It was her father's gear from when she was a baby and she even has an old picture of him and her with the jacket. She was very happy.

I took a look at the label and it was a "Rancher" model made by Schott Bros. I did an internet search and it turns out Schott has been in business for a hundred years.
Schott NYC

They have been making motorcycle jackets since 1928, first to use zippers, flight gear in World war II, Brando and the Ramones wore their Perfecto model.

Cool and iconic stuff. I still love my Vanson, but I was happy to learn something about Schott today.

Now where is my dad's high school biker jacket?....

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