Sunday, February 12, 2012

Corbis is the monkey

Lieutenant Leigh Wade (in the sidecar) and adventurer Linton Wells arrive in New York at the end of a trans-continental auto race. Image by Underwood & Underwood

Berlin, Germany: On Oct. 31, 1931, Fraulein Hanni Koehler, the well-known German motorcyclist girl, came back from her half-year Berlin-Ceylon-Berlin tour. Image by Underwood & Underwood

Soldiers use a motorcycle and sidecar during the invasion of the USSR during World War II. Image by © CORBIS

Syria Patrol Shriners wear fezzes and costumes with their motorcycles at the Nation Shriners Convention of 1936 in Seattle.Image by © Seattle Post-Intelligencer

1984,driver Niki Lauda, with his wife children in Ibiza. Image by Albane Navizet

1954, Isle of Man Image by Hulton-Deutsch Collection
sidehacks from corbis

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