Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Meanwhile, in Los Angeles

Cliff Raven Tattooing parlor, located at 8418 Sunset Strip in West Hollywood, 1981
photo by Roy hankey

Officer L. O. Lindsay with the compact motorcycle radio equipment which he has invented. Photo dated: January 16, 1932 photo by STAX

Looks like Willie G with his Cafe Racer. Photo by Gary Leonard

Photo taken of Filipino American Credo Bisquera on his motorcycle, April 27, 1952.

Nelle Jo Grill, left, and Eleanor Stanton rode a motorcyle all the way from Columbus, Ohio, to participate in the Women's International Bowling Congress now under way at the Vogue Bowl, in Los Angeles. Here they are pictured on their arrival, May 17, 1941.

Matt Frost has been a Venice resident all of his life. He had been living at this house on Carroll Court, just off Carroll Canal, for over 20 years. He has appeared as himself in TV commercials and in several movies (Streets of Fire, Terminator 2, and The Mask, to name a few). The Harley parked at the side of the house has been with him since 1970. Photograph by Cheryl Himmelstein dated December 2003.

Miss Hildur Fleming, Miss Myra Richardson and Miss Beryl Wilson. October 17, 1927.

Bill Lewinson of Sun Valley works on engines. October 29, 1967.

photos from Los Angeles Public Library

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